Technology has forever changed the nature of work and the workplace. Work is a thing you do not a place you go to. So what is the role of the office of the future and how must organisations change their workplace and culture to remain relevant and competitive?

Mirvac brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers in workplace, technology and design to present the latest trends and predictions that will assist every workplace make critical decisions about their future.

Keynote speakers, London-based futurist Philip Ross and eminent Australian architect Richard Francis-Jones, explore the impacts of future technology on the future of work from a physical, human and civic perspective.

They are joined in an engaging interactive panel discussion by organisational psychologist and change management specialist Dr Megan Divett; Corrs Chambers Westgarth Partner Peter Calov, to report on his firm’s experiment with collaborative space; and Max Wilson, Mirvac General Manager Corporate Solutions, who spearheads the company’s expanded role in creating and delivering workplace solutions.


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    event-video Panel Discussion


  • Philip Ross

    Philip Ross

    CEO, Ungroup UK

    Founder and CEO of UnGroup and, Philip Ross has an unparalleled global knowledge of workplace innovation, what drives it and what’s next... Future Work adviser to some of the world’s leading companies Philip specialises in predicting the impact of emerging technology on the way we work and live. The highly sought-after author, futurist and keynote speaker discusses the new digital frontier and its implications for the workplace, canvassing subjects from the obesity of buildings to jellybean working and the new era of connective buildings with embedded intelligence.

  • Richard Francis Jones

    Richard Francis-Jones

    Design Director, FJMT

    One of Australia’s pre-eminent architects Richard Francis-Jones’ expertise as a practitioner and theorist in the areas of architecture, urban design and master-planning is sought around the world... Responsible for some of Australia’s most notable public buildings Richard examines the impact of workplace change upon our cities and the opportunities that exist to create better and healthier environments. He explores the reasons why cities will continue to grow in importance and the very human factors that underpin their future.

  • Peter Calov

    Peter Calov

    Partner, Corrs Chambers Westgarth

    They may have been slow adopters in the shift to open-plan but leading law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth is now leading the charge to redefine their company culture through physical change... Managing Partner Peter Calov lived and breathed change strategy to facilitate the firm’s move to 8 Chifley and is now overseeing the transition into new offices in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. He provides invaluable insights into the process of change management and the impact that physical change has had on driving increased collaboration and cultural change.

  • Dr Megan Divett

    Dr Megan Divett

    Project Director, Puzzle Partners

    The one size fits all approach to change management doesn’t cut it in the modern world of work. With more than 20 years experience assisting organisations change the way they work... Megan’s focus is on harnessing the ideas of people to create high performance environments that can create competitive advantage. The National Director of change specialists, Puzzle Partners, Megan has assisted BHP Billiton and Microsoft Sydney develop change strategies and is currently engaged with Mirvac supporting the development of a workplace strategy for the company’s new headquarters. Dr Divett is an advocate of change management that engages people through research and observation in understanding their business and what their future might look like.

  • David Rolls

    David Rolls

    GE Commercial Development, Mirvac Group

    Appointed Mirvac Group Executive, Commercial Development, in March 2013, David brought with him more than 30 years experience in property, construction, design and development... He has led the expansion of Mirvac’s end to end capability to deliver workplace solutions that focus on people and place with a unique understanding of future city requirements. David is responsible for overseeing Mirvac’s $1.5 million commercial development pipeline that includes 200 George Street and 55 Pitt Street in Sydney, 699 Bourke Street, 664 Collins Street, 477 Collins Street and Riverside Quay in Melbourne, and the Old Treasury Building, Perth City Link and Elizabeth Quay in Perth.

  • Max Wilson

    Max Wilson

    GM Corporate Solutions, Mirvac Group

    Mirvac General Manager Corporate Solutions Max Wilson plays a pivotal role in the company’s capacity to lead clients through the entire process of workplace change from design thinking to construction and completion... Adopting a whole of life approach to working with tenants, Max’s focus is upon being the liaison able to work with the client, external change consultants, architects and the Mirvac design, development and construction teams to deliver workplace solutions. Mirvac’s unique end to end capability and understanding of the processes involved in workplace change present clients with a streamlined approach that allows change to occur with minimum business disruption while achieving short and long term business goals.

The future belongs to those who seek knowledge and embrace the opportunities that come with change.

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